• Street Corn


  • Crab Cakes

    Premium lump crab meat with a  crisp golden exterior topped with a garlic aioli and lemon twist. – $11.99/$15.99

  • Brussel Sprouts

    Caramelized to perfection topped with a sweet balsamic glaze $9.99/$12.99

  • Egg Roll’s


  • 14

    Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

    Marinara Sauce Or Garlic Aioli
    Naan Bread
    Buffalo Chicken

  • Veggie Flatbread

    Garlic Aioli Or Marinara Sauce, Veggies, Peppers $9.99

  • 5

    Crispy French Fries

    French fries tossed in our SK ranch seasoning with our spiced ketchup.

  • Hummus and Naan

    Roasted red pepper infused hummus and toasted naan bread – $9/$12